How often should my garage door be checked or “tuned up?”

Industry experts recommend having your garage door checked and serviced by a professional garage door technician every 12 to 18 months. Learn more about garage door safety

Is there anything that I can do in between the periodic professional service?

If your garage door seems overly noisy or is not running correctly, call a professional. It is recommended that a light application of spray lubricant (we recommend a Teflon-based type or 3 in One Garage Door Spray) be applied to the hinges and rollers in between visits. Be sure to wipe up any excess drips to prevent making a mess on the floor and possibly tracking it inside the house.

What about lubricating my garage door opener?

Most of the new openers being sold today require no additional lubrication. If you have an older model, you should check the manufacturer’s recommendation. As a general rule, the older screw drive openers require a light application of a low temperature grease such as Lubriplate. Remember, a little goes a long way. Do not use a liquid type of spray such as WD40 because that will cause the existing grease to liquefy and drop on the garage door floor and the top of your car. What a mess!

I just noticed that one of the springs on my garage door is broken. I am a handy guy so where can I find out how to fix the spring? 

Don’t do it! It is not worth the risk. We have seen too many bloody garages where the well-intentioned “handy guy” tried to work on his garage door and was seriously injured. These injuries ended up costing thousands of dollars more in medical bills than the repair would cost, and the repair still had to be completed by a professional.

How often should my garage door and garage door opener be “Safety Checked?"

LiftMaster recommends that you check the garage door safety whenever you check your smoke and carbon monoxide detector. If you are not checking either, at the minimum you should be checking them both at least quarterly and change the batteries in the smoke & CO2 detectors annually. See how to perform the safety check in our blog dated June 24, 2014.

My garage door is dirty. How do I wash it?

If you have a metal garage door, Rule # 1 is Don’t Power Wash It. The easiest and best way is to wash it like your car with a soft mitt and a bucket of water with a mild detergent added. Just remember the water shortage – Be Water Wise. Looking for a garage door contractor in Austin TX?

Can I paint my metal garage door?

Yes, most garage doors in good condition can be painted. Be sure to use a high quality exterior latex paint. Do not use an oil based paint. When you re-paint, it is probably a good time to replace the vinyl weather seal molding since it will probably need to be removed for the painting. Give the paint ample time to dry (a few days) before installing the molding.

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